"What distinguishes this preparation, besides its exceptional effectiveness, are its completely natural ingredients, which showed no harmful side-effects during extensive clinical trials.
The results of therapy using Hemocyl arrive quickly and are long-term, which is why I always recommend it to all women experiencing problems with hemorrhoids following giving birth."

Stefan Engelbrecht, Gyn. Spec.

Several trials, hundreds of patients, one conclusion:

Hemocyl works

clinical Trial

We conclude that Hemocyl capsules treatment is highly efficient and effective.Since as high as 94% of patients felt improvement or complete regression of symptoms after Hemocyl treatment, most of the patients did not need any further treatment.

"I started using Hemocyl
and to me it is a miracle drug."

If you are suffering from the pain and discomfort of piles then it is fast and effective relief from your symptoms that you will be looking for in a hemorrhoid treatment. Hemocyl is the fastest acting and most effective treatment for hemorrhoids on the market today and has been found by many members of the medical profession to be a proven remedy for hemorrhoid related bleeding, burning, discomfort and itching.

The extraordinary efficiency of this hemorrhoid treatment quickly leads to complete disappearance or significant improvement of all symptoms in over 90 percent of users.

Benefits of Hemocyl include the following:

• Easy to use oral supplement, and absolutely no contact with the troubled area is required.

• Hemocyl provides fast result. The complete disappearance of all hemorrhoid symptoms is possible within a mere 7 days and initial relief can be felt after only 72 hours.

• This treatment is comprised of only natural plants ingredients and has no known side effects.

Hemocyl is a clinically proven natural treatment. Clinical studies have shown complete regression or significant improvement of all stage 1 and stage 2 hemorrhoid symptoms (not constantly prolapsed) in 94 percent of users.

Given the pain, discomfort and invasive nature of hemorrhoid surgery, it is easy to see why those who suffer are eager to learn more about the possibility of hemorrhoid natural treatment. Our product is completely non-invasive. You don't even have to apply it to the affected area. Instead, it's taken orally and works naturally to restore your body to a healthy state.

After Hemocyl treatment, regression of all hemorrhoid symptoms lasts an average of six months.


Thanks to Hemocyl, there is now a piles remedy made of all natural ingredients. You can use it to treat your discomfort without worrying about the long-term effect it may have on your body. This dietary supplement is a revolutionary piles home remedy, comprised of only natural plant ingredients for alleviating symptoms associated with hemorrhoids.

Hemocyl is the result of years of scientific research into plants and natural ingredients that provide relief from th signs and symptoms of piles. It is a purely natural treatment for hemorrhoids.

It has no artificial colors, chemicals, narcotics or sugar. It works by addressing the root causes of hemorrhoids and can provide fast-acting relief in as little as 72 hours.