"In the thirty years of my practice I have never seen more efficient remedy for solving hemorrhoidal problems."In opinion, there's no substance providing more efficient, or altogether more favorable effect on the patient's condition

Aleksander Soltystik,MD

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  • What causes hemorrhoids?

    There's a lot of hemorrhoid information about the causes of this uncomfortable condition, but the main reason you might suffer from piles is because of straining. If you have constipation and are passing hard stools, then this can cause piles to form.

    Any extra pressure on the region can also cause hemorrhoids, from gaining weight to pregnancy, or even sitting down all day. It's important to understand that anyone can suffer from piles and that it's a common condition.

  • What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?

    External hemorrhoids can be easily seen, as they're small lumps which can be pushed back into the anus after passing a stool. If you need further piles information then your doctor will be able to confirm whether you are suffering from them.

    Other symptoms you might notice include an itching around the anus, bright red blood in your stool, or passing a mucus discharge. If you're concerned about any of these symptoms, then see a doctor in case there's another cause that requires treatment.

  • How can I cure my hemorrhoids?

    Some hemorrhoids go away on their own, and lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy diet, exercise, and avoiding straining can really help. However, in over half of all cases some kind of medication such as Hemocyl is needed to help with the discomfort, and if you read the product information you'll see that it's full of safe, natural ingredients.

  • May I take Hemocyl in addition to other medication?

    Yes, Hemocyl may be used in addition to prescribed medication. Attention should be paid only if a person is in a post operation therapy, and is using blood thinning drugs. This does not apply to persons who use Aspirin 100, Andol 100 or something similar.

  • Should Hemocyl be taken if a person uses drugs for blood thinning such as Marivarin or aspirin?

    It is not recommended in these cases to take Hemocyl. It does not apply to small doses of Apsirin 100 or 100 Andol that heart patients use as a prevention.

  • How long do I have to take Hemocyl to feel an improvement?

    The first improvements may be expected as early as 3 to 4 days after commencement of therapy, depending on the patient’s constitution.

  • How many capsules should I take?

    The best results were achieved by taking two capsules over 14 days.

  • At what time of day should I be taking Hemocyl?

    It is extremely important to take Hemocyl at least 30 minutes before breakfast with water or yogurt. At this time, your digestive system is at it's strongest point.

  • May I take Hemocyl as prevention regardless of hemorrhoid problems?

    Yes, Hemocyl may be taken as prevention in persons who have suffered from hemorrhoids or are in a stable phase – a 28 capsule therapy every 6 months is recommended.

  • Are pregnant and lactating women allowed to take Hemocyl?

    It is not recommended.

  • How long does the effect of Hemocyl last and can this effect be extended?

    The average effect goes on for 6 months, and it may be extended to a much longer period of time, depending on the patient, by maintaining intestinal hygiene, including proper diet, using more fibers in the diet, probiotic diet, regular defecation, avoidance of cured meats and canned products, fast food, hot and very spicy food. We recommend avoidance of sedentery life style, and lifting heavy objects. This way, the effect of Hemocyl will be stronger and last longer.

  • Who is not allowed to take Hemocyl?

    Hemocyl is not recommended to children younger than 7, pregnant and lactating women.

  • Does Hemocyl have any adverse side effects?

    No, Hemocyl is a 100% natural product and has no adverse side effects.

    Bleeding may occur in a small number of patients during therapy, which is considered to be cleaning and breaking of internal knots. The therapy may be continued without fear because improvement will follow very soon.

  • May I take other herbal preparations such as tea, cream or suppositories?

    Other herbal preparations are normally not recommendable while using Hemocyl to avoid reducing the synergic action of Hemocyl active ingredients. External application of anti-hemorrhoid creams is allowed, but unnecessary considering the efficacy of Hemocyl.

  • Is it important to take Hemocyl at a certain time of day?

    Yes it is highly important to take Hemocyl 30 minutes before breakfast with water or yogurt. At this time of day, digestive system’s energy is at it's peak.

  • Does Hemocyl have any effect on enterocolitis, fissures and diverticulitis?

    Hemocyl is indicated in case of hemorrhoids; however, according to specialists’ statements, significant improvements have been achieved in these conditions as well.

  • Are gastritis and duodenal ulcer patients allowed to take Hemocyl if they have hemorrhoid problems?

    They are allowed to take it, but they should take Hamocyl with yougrt instead of water.

  • Can Hemocyl help in treatment of bad vein circulation in “heavy legs”?

    Yes, it facilitated vein circulation, but there are other drugs for such conditions.

  • What is the effect of Hemocyl in persons who use medicines for liver degreasing or antidiabetics for type 2?

    Hemocyl effect is diminished for people who use medicines for liver degreasing or stripping fat (statin) drugs as Lipex, Statex etc., or antidiabetics for type 2.

  • Can I use Hemocyl if I have a stent or by-pass on my heart?

    Yes, but if a patient is using drugs to reduce fat (statins), he should discontinue this kind of therapy (in consultation with doctor) during Hemocyl treatment or use a natural alternatives such as red rice.