Hemocyl is the result of years of scientific research into plants and natural ingredients that provide relief from the signs and symptoms of piles. It is a purely natural treatment for hemorrhoids.

Hundreds of patients, just one conclusion - Hemocyl works

To make sure Hemocyl really provides all the positive results we promise, we have conducted a number of medical trials. These clinical studies on piles took place in a scientific manner to provide accurate data and real conclusions.

We took 1,034 patients who suffered from hemorrhoids and examined their symptoms after taking Hemocyl. Individuals were chosen who took two capsules per day for a period of 7 to 14 days in a five year period.

All patients were over 18 years old

These clinical studies on hemorrhoids looked at the effectiveness of this medication in the treatment of bleeding and non-bleeding piles (grades I to IV). We made sure to take both males and females in a full range of age brackets.

An astounding 83% of those tested experienced a complete regression of their piles after taking Hemocyl for the designated period of time.

The remaining 17% of patients had significant or slight improvement in their hemorrhoids as a result of taking our treatment as specified during the medical trial.

It is also important to point out that no one’s symptom severity remained the same or worsened while taking Hemocyl in these supervised clinical studies. This fact remained true regardless of the sex, age bracket or hemorrhoid grade of the test participant being examined.


Hemocyl capsules are found to be very effective in relieving all groups of hemorrhoids.